Baby Dedication

On Sunday, February 22nd, we provided an opportunity for families to present their children to the Lord in our Baby Dedication (for children from birth to two years). Parents, grandparents, godparents, siblings and a host of other family and friends were present to witness these children being dedicated to the Lord, and join in the prayer for God’s protection, favor and blessing on their lives. In addition to praying for the children, Bishop Dukes and Pastor Deborah also prayed for the parents and other family members.

During the ceremony, Bishop Dukes referred to Hannah, who “lent” her child, Samuel, to the Lord (1 Samuel 1:26-28). The families were advised to raise their children in God’s ways and according to His principles – and to be an example of godly character that their children can follow.

At Harvest, we are providing an environment that fosters children’s spiritual growth…and it’s never too early to start! Click here for more information on our Youth programs.

We have a similar opportunity coming up for children age 3-4 years in our Child Blessing, scheduled for Sunday, March 8th during our 11:30 am service. It is open to anyone in the community who would like to have their 3-4 year old prayed for by Bishop Dukes and Pastor Deborah. There is no sign-up or special attire required…we’ll see you there!

View Photos Of Our Baby Dedication Ceremony Here!

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